3D Animation I Basic

Lecture slides – Intro




Learning resources

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Pluralsight is a very resourceful site with course videos and files for exercise. SCM offers students free sign-ups, Refer to this page for instructions.



Lynda is another resourceful site, but you will have to pay for your own sign-up.


Free Educational Maya


You can download a free educational version of Maya 2017. The free version is basically identical to the full version, except that it prompts you with an annoying dialog box every time you save.


Lecture Slides: Lighting

Lecture Slides: Surfacing

New York Times | Anatomy of a Scene

Anatomy of a Scene at New York Times is a collection of videos with directors’ commentories on films.

InĀ Son of Saul, the camera follows the character at close up in most of the time.

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Enter the Void employed a lot of first person point of view (POV) shots, follow shots and crane shots. The camera in the crane shots was to mimic the point of view from the dead brother’s spirit.

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Lecture Slides: Rigging

The External World – David O’Reilly

For more of his works, check out

Assignment 1 – Polygonal Modeling

For this assignment, create a simple polygonal modelĀ using a REAL object as a reference.


  1. Find a real world reference. This could be images from the web or photos of an actual object.
  2. Create reference images of the side, front and top views of the object either by drawing or photographing the object.

Maya Project

  1. Before you start modeling anything, create a Maya project folder. (File > Project Window)
  2. Your maya scene files (.ma) will be saved in

    Reference images will go in


Image Planes

In Maya, Image Planes are to be used to display the reference images.

  1. Create a Free Image Plane for each reference image
  2. Position and scale the image planes so that their images are aligned.

What to submit?

  1. Zip up the whole maya project folder, and submit the zip file.
  2. Render out a turntable, upload it to Vimeo, and submit the link to the video.


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