For this assignment, create a loop-able animation. Two examples here are a bird flapping its wings and Tom, the arm-less character, walking.

Should I model, rig and animate my own character?

1. Using the provided characters

Three characters are available for you to use. The files are located in:


You will need to copy the whole folder “Assignment2_Animation” to your local drive.

  • bird.mod.ma has the simplest set-up. There is no skeleton. Parts are simply arranged in a hierarchy. This should be fairly easy to start animate with.
  • tom.rig.ma has a skeleton. You animate it by setting keys to the “Control objects”. These control objects have a common suffix, “_CTRL”. DO NOT manipulate or set keys to the joints.
  • robot.rig.ma has the most sophisticated set-up among the three. You should be able to create articulated poses and actions. Like tom.rig.ma, you animate by setting keys to the control objects. DO NOT manipulate or set keys to the joints.

2. Model and Rig your own

I know some of you are more adventurous. If you would like to model and rig your own character/vehicle/spaceship/whatever, you are more than welcome to do so. You will get bonus points for the extra rigging effort.

Frame rate : 24 fps

Resolution : 1280 x 720 (HD 720)

Upload render to Vimeo

Zip up the whole maya folder and submit it to CANVAS